Importance of English in Today’s World

English is no longer a language of the colonizers. We no longer consider ourselves as the Macaulay’s ‘cursed’ children English with a capital ‘E’ is an integral component of today’s life and a vital component of the ‘e’ world. The marvels of Information Technology has shrinked the huge universe into a small ‘global’ world where China is no far from India or Uganda via the internet. There was an age when English was considered to be a ‘status’ quo and the prerogative property of the intellectual elite. Now a days though faced with the endless evil of illiteracy English is the buzzword which has conquered all the major fields of the world: medicine, commerce and all fields that which we can possibly think of! Today, English is not just a language, but a valuable asset which is used as a selling faint for any aspiring youth of the IT Age.   

With the world coming closer and closer, thanks to technology, English as a subject or rather a language would not just enable as to get into the job market, but it also helps us to communicate. The essence of good relationships is effective communication. A fair knowledge of English along with a good flair of interpersonal skills can help us carve a niche for ourselves in today’s global world. The world of commerce depends heavily on effective communication and so English does project Indians to the world. Conversely the  knowledge of the language also enables us to engage in cultural exchange of ideas and economy. Thus English becomes a window of the world: a window from which we can talk to our neighbors and they can interact as well.

One of the manor reasons for the ‘global village’ phenomena is the techno boom and the colossal mushrooming of soft wares and the plants of IT which has made the universe into a small village: where people meet others everyday (if they care to). Life has become much more easy, quick and cheap. It has become impossible to think a world without the two ‘e’s : one being English and the other ‘e’ communication. In this global world, it is but obvious that English plays the role of a global language: the language comprehendible  by almost all the developed and developing countries today.

In terms of education, the two ‘e’s has revolutionalised the ways our predecessors taught or learnt. The world of internet has everything that it can possibly have on its many websites. The world of education is not just confined to a classroom, but today we are slowly getting aware of unique e-classrooms known as virtual classrooms. The ‘e’ world thus allows the students to be fain self-autonomy in the learning process.

 It is beyond doubt that English is not just India’s window on the world, it is India’s virtual highway to IT and other markets. 


One Response to “Importance of English in Today’s World”

  1. vinay Says:

    ELT is a vast field whose dimensions are still being explored in diverse way with different purposes

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